Re-thinking the Tiny House …. It was bound to happen

feel it happening. Yup it’s the typical downward spiral of the cycle. The cycle goes a little like this …. get really excited about an idea …. spend every waking second obsessing about the idea, you tube videos, blogs, facebook pages, google, google and more google and then boom I get scared and then … it’s over.
You probably realized by now I am writing about Tiny House building/living. Recently I woke up to find a post that lead me to another blog post about someone’s tiny house being stolen You can read it HERE. It was driven right off their property. Now let me go ahead and put your mind at ease …. it has been found fully in tact. The owners had not yet moved in and it was parked on some property they had just purchased. It looked to have been stolen right around Dec 20 and found the first couple of days in January.  Now before today I was already starting to worry about the building part of things. I am considering doing this for financial reasons and while there are builders out there they are more costly than I think I really am able to pay,especially for what I am looking for. Add that all to the fact that I am by nature a “do it yourselfer” and well the idea of building it myself just makes sense. Well, except for the little fact that I have NO construction experience, I have no idea where I would build it and I really don’t know if I have friends who would be willing to help me build it. Yeah, I know I am crazy … It’s all over your face. You can learn anything from a video and there are more than you ever want to view on You tube, not to mention the workshops all over the country. However, the more I research, the more intimidated I get and then couple that with the news  about a Tiny House getting stolen …. well it was enough to push me off the ledge down my spiral. So what’s a girl to do …. Just another reason The Single Mom life is difficult to navigate sometimes. I don’t have men in my life who are inherently handy and connected to me in such a way that they feel inclined to help me realize this dream of home ownership and I can’t afford to hire those men and ladies I’m all for some girl power but I don’t know any ladies who can do it either. So …. that’s where we are. I am not discounting the possibility and there are ways to protect your house that in the event we do build one I will be taking.
On a side not … if anyone wants floor plans … I got em. Ive drawn up about 4 ideas each with double lofts. I’d be happy to share. They are a result of a great deal of research and knowing what will work best for Zoe and me.

2 thoughts on “Re-thinking the Tiny House …. It was bound to happen

  1. Just remember that you can live tiny without living in a Tiny House! You could always minimize your personal stuff in the house/apartment you’re currently living in, and then if this whole project becomes easier in the future (after some construction courses, extra savings for someone else to build it, etc), you could always go for it then.

    I’m really glad you’re weighing all the pros and cons before actually starting work on it! Best of luck with whatever you decide.


    • Thanks so much for your wisdom Caseyfriday! I so appreciate it. We live in a small apartment now and we are in the process of simplifying our lives in general. I think I will concentrate more on living tiny than in a cute little tiny house 🙂 I am so glad your home was found!


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